Miniature Bridal Dresses made for Flower Girls.

Complete little bride look with a bridal gown and matching Flower girl dress.  Matching Long Flower Girl Dresses to Bridal Gowns, 537 bridal dress styles have been created, and we are continuously making more. Let us make your Matching miniature bride dresses and Flower Girl Gowns.

Matching Flower Girl Dresses to Bridal Gowns.

Love the idea of matching your flower girl dresses with your wedding gown… The same fabric, the same color, the same basic-pattern as your wedding dress, but in a young charming style. Here is our huge sampling of this inspired idea, from our matching flower girl Dresses to Bridal gowns.

We have designed

537 custom flower girl dresses

to match the brides gowns

Let us design yours


flower girl dress like Your Wedding Dress mermaid flower girl dresses infant and toddler wedding dresses little flower girl ruffle dress

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Flower girl/miniature bride lace wedding dresses | 206 dress styles Mermaid flower girl dress | 113 dress styles Infant and toddler dresses | 116 Miniature Bridal Gowns | 55 ruffle skirt styles
pickup flower girl wedding dresses white flower girl dress with sherbert flowers miniature bridal gowns with color Jewel encrusted flower girl dress with heart cutout in back miniature bridal gown with rosette skirt
Miniature Bridal Gowns | 65 pickup skirt styles Miniature Bridal Gowns |  51 Jewel encrusted Flower girl - miniature bride dresses | 60 dresses with color Miniature bridal gowns | 24 Open back miniature bride dresses | 13 rosette dress styles

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