2020 Flower girl dress styles designed to match each brides dress.

  These impressive new style dresses are created by Jaks to match the wedding dress the you choose to wear.  Production is underway on many new styles, check back to preview them as they arrive.

Shop Jaks bridal dress directory to choose the style of flower girl dresses you are looking for.  Or browse through our designs.  We have created matching flower girl bridal gowns for over 14 years.  And offer 552 of our customers favorite styles to choose from.

Jaks Bridal is enthusiastic to match your wedding dress for a miniature bride dress, for your flower girl.  Bring us your ideas, today.

Little girl wedding dresses

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2018 flower girl dresses.

flower girls dresses match the bride mint green and black ball gown  

flower girls dresses match the bride


little gabriela

mint green and black lace ball gown



Jaks Bridal has created over 552 matching flower girl dress to satisfy brides, just like you.