Measuring Instructions:

When taking measurements please allow room for some growth and comfort.  We recommend your measurements be accurate fit, but please allow room for some growth and for their comfort.  Be sure your measurements are taken over undergarments for your particular event. Please do not give shirt or jean sizes.  Also measure in the shoes you are going to wear for the correct dress length. 


Full Bust:

Measure around the fullest part of the bust.


Firstly tie a piece of ribbon or string around the natural part of your waist. This would be your torso at the smallest point. Leave the string in place while you do the rest of your measurements as you will need it for reference with some of the other measurements.


Take the measurement around the hips at the fullest point, take note of how far down from the waist that you are measuring.

Nipple to nipple:

Measure across the bust nipple to nipple.

Arms eye:  

This measurement gives us the size of the sleeve hole that you are comfortable wearing. This measurement is entirely subjective and you can make it as deep or as tight as you are comfortable with. 

Arm Length:

Measure from your shoulder point to the wrist. Also give measurement with your elbow bend, should be about an inch longer.

 Length: Measure From Top Of The Shoulder over The Nipple To Floor, Including The Height Of Shoes.

Measure from the hollow of your neck to the hem of where you want your dress to come to. Stand very straight when taking this measurement