Flower girl outfits for tomboys.

Is your flower girl adamant to being a tomboy, constantly dirty, skinned-up and bruised girl in boy’s clothes just trying to have a little fun. Here is your compromise. Cover those skinned and bruised knees, and eliminate the opportunity to possibly flash someone. There is a little Tom boy in all of us. Harness this spirit and go for comfort, mobility, and nothing itchy.

Contains: long-sleeved shirt + suspenders trousers + bow tie + suspenders. Suitable places: daily life, wedding parties, flower girls, family gatherings, Easter.

Tomboy flower girl outfits

Tomboy flower girl outfits
sky blue blush silver stripe
perfect 4 piece outfit

for a Tomboy flower girl outfits.

Shirt color
Pants & suspender color
Event to wear this outfit
silver stripe is no longer available

Outfit your little tomboy flower girl in this comfortable 4-piece set included shirt, pants, suspenders & bow tie.

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