Elegant coiled lace T-length dress with removable rhinestone grosgrain belt 

2017 Favorite children's dresses


Made in USA

Fabric: coiled lace

Colors: royal blue, gold, red, silver

sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12


Available to ship in 10-14 days
gold lace dress

gold lace dress

blue Lace holiday dress silver Lace holiday dress red Lace holiday dress
blue lace dress silver lace dress red lace dress
blue lace dress blue lace dress blue lace dress
  sheer lace hem  

please contact me with any questions

Phone: 1-605-766-5257

Email: Jaks



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the following colors and sizes are out of stock

royal blue: size 8

silver: size 8

Rush Delivery within the USA is available.

Delivery in 5 working days for $20.00 extra


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girls lace dress

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junior dress


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