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Flower girl dresses that complement your bridal gown. If you want a look that unifies the littlest member of your wedding party, youíll clearly want one trait thatís similar to the brides. The same fabric, the same colors, the same basic pattern. Create a connection but still look somewhat unique from each other. This bride is matching her A line applique gown with beaded sash.
Buy a beautiful flower girl dress that compliments the Bride.

Name: Alyson
Satin dress with tulle overlay
Light Ivory
Embellishment: silver edged beaded applique


Matching Bridal gowns available

little girls wedding dresses to match the brides gowns sheer applique sleeve flower girl dress little girls wedding dresses to match the brides gowns
This bride is matching her A line lace gown with beaded sash sheer applique sleeve flower girl dress little girls wedding dresses to match the brides gown
beaded applique flower girl dress with beaded sash little girls wedding dresses
Custom child size 7-11 Light ivory dress
The sash is a ribbon, and just a little darker
beaded applique beaded applique beaded applique
Inspiration photos received below 

 "match my wedding gown"

This bride wanted to match her lace dress with jeweled sash.

We want to Inspire your trust by showing the photos we received to design this dress.

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little girls wedding dresses little girls wedding dresses  

Brides photo to match my wedding gown


The chest was changed for the little flower girl  




Your gown will be ordered in Satin

bridal color palette


Our dresses are personally tailored for you from scratch.

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Custom sizes $25.00 extra

Little girls wedding mini bridal dresses can be ordered from any of our wedding gowns. Please email me for a price.


This dress was created at our factory, from customers photos.  Send us your pictures.

 We custom manufacture design inspired gowns which closely resemble the photographs.  Each dress is similar but not exact to the original.  Every dress is custom Made according to the specifications of the buyer.  If you want a custom designed dress personally tailored for you, anything added or changed on any dress, contact us prior to ordering. Modifying dress styles is one of our common practices.

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little girls wedding dresses to match the brides gowns


If you do not find a dress in our gallery please be sure to email us a picture of the dress that you are looking for and we will be happy to issue you a price quote on a custom-made replica or a redesigned style.

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little girls wedding dresses to match the brides gowns

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